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Satori sanctuaries

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satori school

Registration is open!

Classes will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. We teach skills in:

  • Organic Gardening; general gardening, Square ft Gardening & herbs

  • Animals & Insects; basic care of farm animals/livestock, butterflies, bees, bats, etc.

  • Food; packing, cooking (camp fires & solar ovens), & foraging

  • Shelter & Survival; basic woodworking, shop, sewing, emergency water & drinking water

  • Navigation; map & compass, nature’s indicators

  • Health & Wellbeing; nutrition, gratitude, exercise, outdoor adventures

  • Archery, & More!!!

  • This semester we will be teaching History with Story of The World, Language Arts, Math & Science Studies.

  • We will also have guest speakers including art teachers, best-selling authors, nationally known health and wellness coaches, Texas Master Gardeners, Spanish teachers and archery instructors coming to teach our sprouts.

  • Classes are held year-round, along with our incredibly popular summer camp

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satori solar and Sustainability

 🌱 Own Your Power 🌱
🌱 30% Federal Tax Credit 🌱
🌱 Simple and Transparent Pricing 🌱


Our school is like nothing you've ever seen or experienced!

And the journey begins in a  5-story treehouse...

Take a look through our colorful and lively previous semesters!

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